Age of Heroes – The Making and Thinking Of

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Age of Heroes – The Making and Thinking Of


This is an album that was very much shaped by my whole experience in Guitar Gods in Miami, and partly also my prior experiences in the Tilu & Lilu and Jamtrack Central competitions. I had been steeped in an environment of shred, where many players were technically better than me, although that’s a slightly hard one to judge, as judging technical ability isn’t entirely objective.


Anyway, I approached the making of this album through the experiences in Miami (meeting my heroes, and playing with/against some killer guitar players). I had also practiced non stop for almost half a year before recording the lead parts. Practice is something I don’t get around to too often these days. Firstly I’d practiced for Miami. After Miami I was so energised I just kept on going. I practiced all the way until I recorded the lead parts. This resulted in some of the most extreme playing of my career. But on the other hand I didn’t want to lose who I am, and who I am is very much someone who plays melodies, and has fun with the music. I am also not perfect.


This time I made a conscious decision at some point to cut editing to a minimum. There is some editing, but almost none in the leads, and nothing in the drums. I’ve even isolated a couple of mistakes after the tracks, just for a laugh. This has lead to an album that has a few mistakes on it, although I doubt most will be audible to listeners. Someone who works with something is, after all, almost intimately familiar with the material. I think this has resulted in an album that is played with feeling, and my hope is that the music will connect with you. I personally don’t get moved by music played by people who are almost machines, or people who edit their music to death. I can be impressed, but after a while I get bored. This is what I wanted to avoid, and I think I did that. You of course might disagree. But that’s as it should be.


Here’s one of my favourite songs on the album. It’s a ballad called “Three Days of Peace”.

If you haven’t pre-ordered the album, you can do so here:

As a bonus for everyone who pre-orders, I’m offering the EP by a project of mine, called Insomaniac, which will probably never be released in any other form (at least not any time soon). If you want the EP, simply email me ( after you’ve pre-ordered, and I’ll send you the EP.

As always, feel free to comment, and I hope you enjoy.





  • Herman says:

    I Think it sounds great sounds more like a life time of piece.You should have no problem selling it.wish I could play like that I just got started last year and have a lot to anything else worth learning take’s time.But yes you are awesome.

  • BARBARA says:

    Very nice thanks.

  • Joey LaLima says:

    It’s wonderful. You’re one of my new favorite players.

  • Janne marcusson says:

    Magnifique och magic som Alltid, min Vän
    Tror det är den Finska Spirit, helt enkelt Älskar både Dina tunga som lugna låtar med mycket ” luft” i som lyfter fram de vackra tonerna, Du är ju också en Maestro på accustisk gura,
    Önskar Dig som alltid en underbar dag och Din music är verkligen unik
    Hälsningar janne

  • Soo nice and calming lisning to, thank you
    Take care

  • dominic says:

    luv it elmo,your playing has become very recognisable to me an I like when that happens,as I am a guitar fan and never achieved anything as a player myself,i pride myself on being able to identify a guitarist very quickly.

  • Patrik Wahlund says:

    Great song, I absolutely love it. Then some beautiful guitar playing on top of that as well!

  • Patrik Wahlund says:

    Riktigt skön låt och galet snyggt spelat. Keep up the good work

  • Terry Augar says:

    Hi Elmo !!…Awesome..very beautiful crisp playing, Now I hear Ronnie Montrose tee hee…fabulous melody brother!!!
    …Cant wait for the whole album..Masterful !!!
    Elmo has arrived at last….

  • Murf says:

    LOVE the cover art!

  • Robert says:

    Very nice piece of music, Elmo! I’m looking forward for the album.
    And I completely agree with you: don’t edit music to dead. It should breathe. Math-rock playing is so boring. All my guitar heroes are far away of being perfect. Page, Hendrix & Co. would be technically beaten by almost every guitar student coming from schools like Berklee College of Music & Co.
    But: they transport melodies and emotions. That’s why we love them.
    If you like something perfect: buy a marble…

  • Dee Darnell says:

    Hi Elmo!
    Pretty good stuff there! I’d have mixed it a little differently, but then I’m not the artist, nor am I all that familiar with the music styles that are more popular in Europe. Also, I’m considerably older than you are (though I like to think I’m not! lol) Still, reallybgood stuff, and well, thank you for sharing!

  • Frank Melchor says:

    Beautiful playing. Your guitar sounds crisp, but not brash. Very well put together!!

  • Mark Neilson says:

    so fantastic Elmo, you are undoubtedly one of my most favourite players
    your guitar is an extension of your soul!
    I love how like Jeff Healey, you put everything you have into being expressive in every note you play
    pre-ordering now
    so exciting
    thank you

  • Jim Waters says:

    Hi Elmo

    Great song played with feeling

    have played a couple of new songs on my show had a great feed back spreading the fantastic music

    rocking loud jimbo

  • Lynden says:

    Simply stunning Elmo.

  • Craig G. says:

    Man Elmo, I do adore your more mellow, laid-back stuff. This is absolutely awesome.

    Hey, great job on the video also! What did you use to make it? As you know, I create videos sometimes myself too, so I’m just curious.


    • Tim McGowan says:

      Well there you go again Elmo with a fret ripping soul tormented melody reminiscent of Jeff Beck (at the start) evolving into Joe Satriani and ending with more than a hint of Carlos Santana – well for me anyway!!

      Interesting to hear you comment about over-editing as I personally think the guys you met in Miami do that to death on their albums, so much so that they all sound the same – well one of them does anyway! (don’t tell them I said that and forgive my brazen outburst ha ha). Anyway, thankfully you don’t, and this piece is put together very nicely.

      For me you nail the lead around the 2.25 mark and a subtle departure into a different playing style elevates the melody to another high.

      I certainly will be getting myself a copy of your album as I’m confident it won’t disappoint. If it does I’ll blame the three days of peace you had with your wife, when you should have been writing!! ha ha – only joking! Talk soon….

      • elmojk says:

        Haha 😀
        Nice one Tim! I think your safe regarding your little outburst. Your secret is safe with me, and I doubt very much that any of those guys will be frequenting this page 😀
        Thank you very much for the very kind words as well.
        Take care.


    • elmojk says:

      Hi Craig,
      Seems I somehow missed your comment.
      Thank man! I used Cyberlink PowerDirector 13, which I use for all my videos. Been getting better and better at it, but I still suck 😀

  • Theresa S. says:


    Insanely beautiful and melodic piece! Your music is expressive and emotional. You are a true visionary!

  • Martin Grocock says:

    An amazing track mate, just pure pleasure to listen to.

  • Jimmy says:

    You have a style of your own man! I love it! You’re shredding it up! Bad ass!!!!

  • Don says:

    W O W. Beautiful piece man. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Thank you very much for the link. Like many others, I can only hope to be half the genius you are Sir. Until then, (lol) I don’t play because I’m good, I play because I like to. ROCK ON BROTHER

  • William says:

    A very nice piece of music Elmo, builds nicely and My mind drifted to floating around the sky.
    Thank you.

  • Dave Miilu says:

    Very cool track. I hear some jeff beck (tone) here and there which is great thing. But still your own voice comes through. I like the awesome technical playing along with the subtle dynamics (harmonics) not to mention some single notes that you get the most out of….great mix of everything!

  • David Frady says:

    You play with passion, Three Days of Peace what a relaxing track, i believe it just gave me Three weeks of peace, great job Elmo, love your music!

  • Don Ziegler says:

    Beautiful! You take us on a journey of expression and soul. Bless you Elmo.

  • Calvin says:

    right on Elmo

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