What I’m Listening To – Mattias IA Eklundh

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What I’m Listening To – Mattias IA Eklundh

Hi there folks!
It’s been a while since I wrote one of these blogs. Time to rectify that.

This time I’m going to talk, or write, about that Viking guitar master. You guessed it (maybe). Mattias IA Eklundh. No, not Yngwie.

So who is this Mattias? He has long hair, like me. He speaks Swedish, like me. He doesn’t speak French, again like me. He also plays guitar, but he plays it like no one I’ve heard before. I’ll just start out with a video by him, called “Amphibian’s Night Out”, and then I’ll say something more.

I first heard Mattias many years ago. I was well versed in instrumental guitar music, but Mr. Eklundh just brought something different to that table. He was funny. He was different. He was technically probably the cleanest player I’d heard, but his playing was not about technique. I was awestruck. I listened to his first solo album “Freak Guitar” and was greatly amused. Just listen to the song “Evil Shower” off that record.

There are plenty of influences there, but I loved the very clear Zappa influence. Back then I’d been missing that from instrumental guitar. There were a ton of players out there who were really good, and some who I listened to constantly, but there wasn’t much Zappa out there. Even Steve Vai had seemed to drift in a slightly different direction (not that that was bad). And here we had this strange guitarist who did all kinds of weird stuff. One of the great things about Mattias is that he also does whatever he fancies doing. Here’s him doing the old classic “That’s Amore”.



He also has a band called Freak Kitchen. I’ve seen them live a few times, and it’s always been great stuff. Check out “Teargas Jazz” by them.



Mattias is also a very nice guy, and very kindly did a few solos for my last album. I remember listening to the tracks he sent and being scared that my head would split because I was grinning like a village idiot and couldn’t stop. Here’s one of the two songs he played on. Tack Mattias!


As always, feel free to comment and share and all that.


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