What I’m Listening To – Part 3 (I think?)

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What Am I Listening To? Part whatever this was.


It’s been ages since I posted an update in the “What Am I Listening To” series. Now I thought I’d take a break from banging on about my upcoming album


Scar Symmetry


This might not be a terribly well know band. They’re from our (Finland) neighbour, Sweden. They play some seriously good metal and it’s sometimes scary stuff. Well, you be the judge. Here’s a song called “The Illusionist” by Scar Symmetry.


I remember hearing this song on a compilation album by Nuclear Blast records and instantly taking notice. The rest of the album was a bit of an ordeal, as it was mostly rubbish, but this lot really shone through. They also have great guitar solos, especially the ones by Per Nilsson who plays some sick stuff, which should appeal to people who like what I do. But probably my favourite thing about the band is the singer, Christer Älvestam. Sadly, he left the band in 2008 and for me they’ve never been the same since. He was replaced by two different singers, one to do the clean vocals and one for the screaming. I didn’t think either of them was as good as Christer. Scar Symmetry did however make 3 albums with Älvestam. Here’s another one by them, called “Holographic Universe”.


Give them a listen if you’re into extreme metal. They’re really quite something. Now I said that they’re not quite as good as they used to be. That’s not to say they’re in any way bad. They’re still excellent. You be the judge.


On a related note, I stumbled across Per Nilsson playing something quite different. That’s not really a surprise. He has a very broad musical vocabulary. For instance, he also plays with prog rockers Kaipa. Here’s him jamming over a track by Nili Brosh. It’s seriously good.

So that’s all for now. I hope you enjoy the post, and more importantly the music.

Take care.





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