Elmo Karjalainen: Back Where We Belong (KC Sound, KC-018, 2018)


Elmo Karjalainen: Back Where We Belong (KC Sound, KC-018, 2018)


Elmo Karjalainen´s second acoustic guitar CD album. If you liked his first acoustic album, you will like this even more. And if you haven´t heard his acoustic stuff, now is the time.

Written, arranged and played by Elmo

In addition to playing the acoustic guitars, Elmo played some small snippets of additional Hammond B3 and electric guitar.


01. Back Where We Belong (4:58)

02. A Dream (3:57)

03. Kindness (5:35)

04. A Moment (4:15)

05. Sorrow  (4:55)

06. So Far Away (6:09)

07. A Cooling Shade (7:08)

08. Waves (5:05)

09. Shadows (5:10)

10. April Sun (4:11)

11. Peace (3:57)

12. Promise (5:03)

CD in jewelcase with 4 page leaflet. Cellophane wrapping. Weight with bubblebag 96g

Comments on this album:

“I listened to your friends album this evening and loved it. He is a very accomplished musician with a beautiful sense of tone and melody.
Thank you so much and please give him my best
PL&R’n’R always 

(Francie Conway is an artist from Dublin, Ireland, who has a new single out. The single is called “OneForEurope”)

“Loistava levy ja vielä joulutarjouksella :) “ (In English: A great album and also Christmas Special Offer) - Veli-Matti Viitala, Hyvinkää, Finland

And a lengthy review HERE. You can see a resume of the review by Sleeping Bag Studios after the audio samples…

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And here are short samples!

Elmo Karjalainen – Back Where We Belong – Album Review

“I’ve had the record on repeat for what seems like days now with no intention of stopping once this review is written – Back Where We Belong is full of stunning & gorgeous guitar melodies.  Elmo being Elmo and holding himself to the highest of standards, the official press release even goes as far as to mention that “this album is not perfect.  It has its share of mistakes left in there…” – and while that might very well be true…good lord, if you’re anyone NOT named Elmo, you’d never even hear’em.  Facts are facts…the man has a special gift for guitar that most players wouldn’t even understand – and hearing him in this acoustic setting for the new record…just brings the beauty in his musicianship up to the surface to shimmer & shine even more.  This entire album absolutely radiates beautiful sound.

Ultimately, that’s the bulk of the review right there…I’ll go on and make some comments about the individual tracks below, but your main takeaway should be that this record, is one total experience.  If there are faults, they wouldn’t be heard by most human ears – and if anything, they certainly wouldn’t be what people leave remembering about these songs.  What they’ll hear is the extraordinary instrumentation, the exquisite melodies, and the sincere connection Elmo has to his guitar, full-stop.  For myself personally…I honestly don’t know if it does or COULD get better than this; I’ve always been a fan of Elmo’s music, but this record…THIS RECORD…is exceptionally gorgeous from beginning to end.

The gentle beginning of the album’s title tune “Back Where We Belong” will tell ya pretty much everything you need to know about the experience you’re in-store for right away.  Gorgeously recorded, immaculately played, with beautifully progressive writing & accessible, heartfelt melodies, Elmo roams throughout the fret-board with confidence & true grace in the way he plays the guitar.  There’s an undeniably warm glow and generous spirit that floats through the aura & atmosphere of “Back Where We Belong” – just about as inviting as music can ever be”. 

That was just a short part of the review. Well, you have the link to the whole review…

A review from JamSphere:

“Elmo Karjalainen: “Back Where We Belong” fuses into a glorious panorama of organic guitar sound”

Posted By: Jacob Aiden Posted date: March 03, 2019in: ReviewsNo Comments

“I know Elmo Karjalainen as a metal rocker, but he is a musical chameleon. He is an amazing musical arranger, composer and player. You could put a banjo in his hand and he’d make it sound like an orchestra. Elmo is one of those players that you need to know about if you’re a guitar player – acoustic or electric. It’s hard to add anything but another positive note to the chorus of Elmo Karjalainen accolades. His latest album “Back Where We Belong”, is incredibly generous in the amount of music and love of music. Elmo is obviously focusing much more on songwriting as opposed to performing on this album, and there are some real gems here. Elmo is an amazing musician, his extraordinary technique could potentially overshadow his incredible writing and arranging skills, but with “Back Where We Belong”, they all fuse into a glorious panorama of organic guitar sound.”

Read more here: http://jamsphere.com/reviews/elmo-karjalainen-back-where-we-belong-fuses-into-a-glorious-panorama-of-organic-guitar-sound

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