Detroit: Heritage 1989-2009 (KC Sound KC-005-6, 2008)


Detroit: Heritage 1989-2009 (KC Sound KC-005-6, 2008)

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A double physical CD containg material starting 1989 and up to 2008, with the different configurations of the band. Blues, jazz, soul, pop...Elmo Karjalainen plays on some of the newest tracks (he was a member of the band for a while).


The musicians in the different incarnations of the band:

Roland Wilson (vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, harmonica, mandolin, backing vocals); Christer Karjalainen (drums); Khalid Anib (bass); Jari Hongisto (trombone); Judo Jalava (organ, piano, vocals); Elmo Karjalainen (guitars & strange sounds); Sasa Opacic (guitars); Teijo Saarinen (bass, backing vocals); Tuomas Seppälä (piano, electric piano, Hammond organ); Mika Suominen (bass); Visa Törmälä (tenor sax); Pekka Vaaherkumpu (trumpet); Pekka Välimäki (tenor sax). William Thorburn (trumpet) was also a member of the band for a time, but does not appear on this album.  

CD One:  

1. The Boogie Song (Roland Wilson) - studiolive 2008  

2. Jelly Jelly (Trade Martin) - studiolive 2008  

3. Packin´ Up (Roland Wilson)  

4. Credit Card Lover (Roland Wilson)  

5. Trade The Fields Of Oklahoma For The Fields Of Detroit (Roland Wilson)  

6. Poor Man (Roland Wilson)  

7. Come Clean (Roland Wilson)  

8. Searching For A Dream (Roland Wilson)  

9. Lonesome (Peter Chatman)

10. Life Without You (Roland Wilson)

11. Highway Of Love (Roland Wilson)

12. Shadow Of Love (Music: Kari Salli - Lyrics: Roland Wilson)

13. Outskirts Of Town (Music: Roy Jacobs - Lyrics: William Weldon)

14. Operator, Please (Music: Kari Salli - Lyrics: Roland Wilson) - Spoken version

15. Love Me Once, Love Me Twice (Roland Wilson)

16. I´ll Come Thru For You (Paul Harrison)

CD Two: 

1. One Way Out (Sonny Boy Williamson) - Our first version  

2. Lonely Shoes Blues (Roland Wilson)  

3. Blue Season (Roland Wilson) - Original version  

4. Operator, Please (Music: Kari Salli - Lyrics: Rioland Wilson) - Original version  

5. North Sea Shuffle (Roland Wilson)  

6. War On Apathy (Roland Wilson)  

7. Stay At Home (Roland Wilson)  

8. There Are Times (Paul Harrison)  

9. Keep On Pushin´ (Roland Wilson) - Original version

10. You Left Me Sitting (Roland Wilson) -Original version

11. Help The Child (Music: Kari Salli - Lyrics: Roland Wilson) - Original version

12. If You´re Ever (Paul Harrison)

13. Let My Love Shine Thru (Roland Wilson)

14. Sometimes I Think About (Hoyt Axton)

15. You Don´t Love Me (Willie Cobbs)

16. Last Night (Walter Jacobs)

CD One Total time 66:26

CD Two Total time 57:41

CD-R Pro double CD, jewelbox. 8 page leaflet & back page. Weight with bubblebag 113g

Here is a short translation of the REVIEW of our HERITAGE album, borrowed from the Blues News magazine (critics name Antti Vainio).

 "My interest for this record rose to the sky when I realized that this is sort of a continuation of the great album made by the Hard Road-band in 1987. Happens so that that (...) LP according to some people is a forgotten classic of Finnish bluesrock".

 "The absolute trump card of this album is the fact that the band is largely self reliant when it comes to the material. You do not have to listen to new versions of Mojo or Big Boss Man. Beside Wilson, his pal Paul Harrison and former Hard Road -member Kari Salli have written material for the album. Of course there are also a few cover versions, but not enough to make you bored. Blues is the starting point but every now and then the band makes use of slight soul/funk -influences, and on a couple of occasions the band goes straight to the folk department. In my opinion the absolute pearl of the album is an effective, so called spoken version of the song Operator, Please. What you have is a very professional sound with very professional playing".

"If Detroit happens to play a gig nearby, I will drag myself there. The band is still, in spite of this album, an exceptionally well kept secret among the bands who know their stuff. Their demo was in fact pretty lavishly praised by the Alligator-boss Bruce Iglauer himself".

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