Detroit: IV (KC Sound KC-007, 2011)

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Detroit: IV (KC Sound KC-007, 2011)

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Blues Alive! said that this is one of the absolutely best blues albums to have been released in Finland in recent years. The band is led by Detroit-born Roland Wilson, who writes most of the material, and sings and plays the guitar. Elmo Karjalainen and Sasa Opacic are two guitar players who play special guest solos in one song. This is a full length physical CD.

The musicians:

Roland Wilson: vocals, guitar, harmonica

Martti Toivari: keyboards

Teijo Saarinen: bass

Christer Karjalainen: drums

Special Guests: Sasa Opacic and Elmo Karjalainen, guitars


 1. Our Friends (Roland Wilson) 5:16

 2. Keep On Pushin´ (Roland Wilson) 3:11

 3. Hard Luck Story (Kal David) 4:19

 4. I´m Cutting Out (Roland Wilson) 3:44

 5. One Way Out (Sonny Boy Williamson) 4:09

 6. Help The Child (Music: Kari Salli - Lyrics: Roland Wilson) 5:22

 7. I´m Crazy (Roland Wilson) 3:10

 8. The Great University Of Hard Knocks (Roland Wilson) 5:01

 9. I Want You Back (Roland Wilson) 3:56

10. Sugar Sweet (Mel London) 5:01

11. Blue Season (Roland Wilson) 4:08

12. Dream On (Swamp Dog Blues) (Roland Wilson) 4:05

13. I Wouldn´t Lay My Guitar Down (Eddy Clearwater) 4:05

Total time 55:29

Weight with bubblebag 72g

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