Elmo Karjalainen Acoustic: Where We Belong (KC Sound KC-014, 2015)

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Elmo Karjalainen Acoustic: Where We Belong (KC Sound KC-014, 2015)


After having released two critically acclaimed electric guitar albums, and collaboration on other fine albums, Elmo Karjalainen has now released his first acoustic guitar CD album. 

Elmo Karjalainen plays the acoustic guitars, special effects guitars, sustained electric guitar, elctroacoustic bass, and percussio on the album. Drums on "Laiturilla" (On the Pier) by Christer Karjalainen.

All tunes by Elmo Karjalainen, except for "Laiturilla" (On the Pier) by Masi Hukari. 

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  1. Where We Belong                   4:12

  2. By the Ocean                          5:03

  3. Black Jack Time                      3:18

  4. Lonely                                      4:54  

  5. Those Were Good Times        4:35

  6. Chasing Sound                        3:08

  7. A Herd of Monkeys?                2:42

  8. The Princess and Her Tiger    3:53

  9. We Belong                               3:14

  10. My Childhood Hero                  4:48

  11. There and Back Again             5:16

  12. Laiturilla                                   5:04  

  13. A Minor Incident                      3:34

  14. Loop This                                 2:24

  15. The Smile in Her Eyes             3:23

Total Time 59:41

CD in jewelbox with 4-page leaflet

Weight in bubblebag 98g

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