Detroit: The Way You Do (KC Sound KC-015, 2016)

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Detroit: The Way You Do (KC Sound KC-015, 2016)

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A physical CD album containing rhythm&blues in many forms by this Finnish-American band.  This is Detroit´s last album, released August 14, 2016. 

Detroit: Roland Wilson (vocals, guitar), Judo Jalava (hammond B3, piano, harmonica, vocals), Teijo Saarinen (bass), Christer Karjalainen (drums)

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The tracks:

01. Stay At Home (Roland Wilson) 3:30

02. (When You Treat Me) The Way You Do (Roland Wilson) 4:57

03. Our Life (Roland Wilson) 4:02

04. I Feel Like A Millionaire (Champion Jack Dupree) 4:13

05. Sooner Or Later (Teijo Saarinen) 4:13

06. Special Rider (Skip James) 5:56

07. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Isaac Hayes & David Porter) 4:23

08. Trouble Is All That I Know (Roland Wilson) 3:54

09. TB Blues (Jimmie Rodgers) 5:40

10. The Blind Man (Josh White) 5:13

11. Death Don´t Have No Mercy (Rev. Gary Davis) 3:17

12. Poison Ivy (Mel London) 3:14

13. My Babe (Ron Holden) 3:39

Total Time: 56:11

CD album in jewelcase. 4 page leaflet.

Weight with bubblebag 94g

Resume of review in the magazine Blues News, December 2016:

The reviewer Riku Metelinen starts out by saying that too much time has passed since Detroit´s previous album, but that the wait is worth it. The opening track  (Stay at Home) starts in good fashion with a Chuck Berry-style intro, and the rest of the track is also fine. The track The Way You Do finds the band diving deep into the blue notes, creating a world the kind of which the reviewer hasn´t experienced in a long time. First Judo Jalava plays a solo on the Hammond, after which Roland Wilson plays a fine solo and offers an emotionally very strong performance. The reviewer clearly hears influences from the kings in the solo. 

Judo tinkles away really tastefully on the piano in Champion Jack Dupree´s song I Feel Like A Millionaire and also gets to sing and also play the blues harp in the track. 

The album´s material consists of both original songs and covers. Skip James´ mystical Special Rider is one of the reviewer´s favorites among the covers. Among the originals The Way You Do and the shuffle Trouble Is All That I Know are his favorites. The track ending the album is Ron Holden´s My Babe, which is familiar to many of us as a hit by the Fabulous Thunderbirds. The reviewer says that Detroit is almost flying almost as high and fast as the Thunderbirds (that´s not bad as Detroit played that song only once in the studio, and that first and only take is on the album, live - ok, Roland had a bad flue so he had to redo the vocals later...).

The reviewer had some negative comments about the design of the album (acknowledged), but states that the album contains 13 fine tracks and almost a full hour of listening - you get your money´s worth. He ends the review with deciding to play the album again, and a few "slices" of a certain malt drink from mr. H. Bannister...    

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