Elmo Karjalainen: Age of Heroes (KC-016, 2016)

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Elmo Age1.jpg

Elmo Karjalainen: Age of Heroes (KC-016, 2016)


Elmo´s fourth CD-album is again a full length guitar extravaganza. This time there are great guest performances by keyboard wizard Derek Sherinian (known from Dream Theater, Planet X, Black Country Communion, etc.), guitar extra-ordinaire Mattias IA Eklund (Freak Guitar, Art Metal, etc.), and by and the winners of the Guitar God Festival in Miami, 2016, Janne Nieminen and Emil Pohjalainen. 

Release date: February 3, 2017.

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Elmo Karjalainen: guitars, bass, Hammond B3, keyboards, drum programming, all compositions and arrangements.

Derek Sherinian: keyboards

Mattias I A Eklund: guitar

Janne Nieminen & Emil Pohjalainen: guitars

Vesa Kolu: drums

Christer Karjalainen: drums


1. Warm Welcome (2:14)

2. How Can Less Be More (4:30)

3. The Colour of Greed (4:46)

4. Chikken Noodul (4:54)

5. A Fertile Discussion (4:52)

6. The Grassy Gnoll (5:16)

7. Blue Eyes (6:02)

8. Party Political Speech (0:36)

9. Age of Heroes (5:06)

10. A Meeting of the Gods (And This Guy) (4:32)

11. Sunset (6:32)

12. Return of the Silly English Person (0:24)

13. Falling for Falafels (4:31)

14. Lost in a Foreign Scale (4:22)

15. Three Days of Peace (6:29)

16. Limiting Rationality (5:45)

17. Breathe (2:22)

CD in jewelcase, with 8-page booklet

Weight with bubblebag 97 grams

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