The KC Sound All Stars: 30 Years of Blues (KC Sound, KC-017, 2018)


The KC Sound All Stars: 30 Years of Blues (KC Sound, KC-017, 2018)


A full length CD with some of the best blues from Finland, recorded during jam sessions in the KC Sound Studio.

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The KC Sound All Stars (in alphabetical order): 

Judo Jalava: vocals, hammond

Antti Karineva: vocals, guitar, dobro  

Christer Karjalainen: drums

Elmo Karjalainen: guitar

Timo Luostarinen: guitar

Sauli Luttinen: vocals, bass

Erkka Makkonen: guitar

Olli Mäkelä: drums

Sasa Opacic: guitar

Ilkka Reima: guitar

David Rios, aka Doctor Dave: vocals, harmonica

Teijo Saarinen: bass

Esa Salminen: bass

Henry Valanne: drums, shaker

Roland Wilson: vocals, guitar


1. All Your Love (Willie Dixon & Otis Rush) 4:29

Judo (voc), Antti, Roland, Dave, Teijo, Christer. Guitar solo: Antti.

2. Blues Before Sunrise (Leroy Carr) 11:04

Judo (voc), Roland, Elmo, Ilkka, Dave, Esa, Henry. Guitar solos: Roland, Elmo, Ilkka.

3. Somebody Loan Me A Dime (Fenton Robinson) 8:34

Dave (voc), Ilkka, Roland, Judo, Esa, Henry. Guitar solos: Ilkka, Roland

4. I Feel So Bad (Chuck Willis) 3:56

Dave (voc), Roland, Esa, Henry, Judo (only heard slightly just at the end)

5. It Takes Love To Make A Home (Guy Davis) 6:47

Antti (voc, dobro), Dave, Judo, Esa, Olli. In the middle of this track, Dave sings

Don´t Worry Baby (Cesar Rosas, Louis Frausto Perez & T-Bone Burnett

6. Last Night (Walter Jacobs) 6:41

Judo (voc), Antti (dobro), Dave, Esa, Olli.

7. Hungry Country Girl (Otis Spann) 8:09

Roland (voc), Elmo, Antti, Judo, Teijo, Henry. Guitar solos: Roland, Elmo, Antti.

8. Every Day I Have The Blues (Memphis Slim) 3:21

Dave (voc), Ilkka, Judo, Roland, Esa, Henry. Guitar solo: Ilkka

9. Wish Me Well (Memphis Slim) 5:58

Judo (voc), Elmo, Antti, Ilkka, Dave, Esa, Christer. Guitar solos: Elmo, Antti, Ilkka.  

10. Vincent Price Blues (Frank Beard, Joe Hill & Billy Gibbons) 6:24

Sauli, Elmo, Sasa,Timo (tremolo gtr), Erkka, Henry (shaker), Christer (drums & end

death metal voice). Guitar solos: Elmo (short), Sasa, Elmo. Timo & Erkka alternate.

This track was recorded years ago, and was not part of a jam session.

Total 65:26

CD in Jewelcase with 4-page leaflet. Weight with bubblebag 93g

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