Max Load: Prima (SCGCD003, 2014)

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Max Load: Prima (SCGCD003, 2014)


In English: The CD album Prima is the first album by Max Load. However, these guys have worked in music for a long time in different bands. It´s rhythm & blues and other related stuff, with some original material and fine guitar playing.  A full length album. Vaakku Varjus, the singer/guitar player is well known in Finland, and Sale Opacic has also worked with the Detroit Rhythm & Blues Band.

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Max Load:

Vaakku Varjus: guitars, vocals

Sale Opacic: guitars

Jokke Ihalainen: bass

Kari Hartman: drums (1-4, 9-11)

Dmitri Dmitrenko: drums (5-8) 

Pekka Puranen: harmonica (7)


1. It Ain´t What You Do (Hurriganes) 4:39

2. Drinkin´ Home Alone (A. Vilperi, M. Vilperi & P. Vilperi) 4:18

3. Long Hard Road (Varjus) 5:20

4. Without You (Ihalainen) 5:15

5. Midnight Boogie (Varjus) 3:08

6. Last Train (Rantala) 3:04

7. Warm Summer Nights (Varjus) 4:05

8. That´s Life (Varjus) 3:27

9. The First Thing On My Mind (Ihalainen & Varjus) 3:32

10. Crazy ((Ihalainen & Varjus) 5:05

11. Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Seeger) 4:04

Total 47:08 

CD in cardboard sleeve

Weight with bubblebag 53g

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